I love to explore this amazing world we live in! To me, the world is a canvas. And the things we have in the world don't have to end their canvas-y use. That's why I love upcycling so much! Find something... anything... and put it to new use. We also talk foodie fun, fashion trends and of course, Artisa Cottage Cheese.

Artisa Explains Natural Easter Egg Dye By Artisa

This Easter, ditch that commercial dye. (Let’s be clear, we’re talking about Easter egg dye here, not L’Oreal.) Friends, natural Easter egg dye is where it’s at.

Blog Artisa Upcycled Jewelry DIY By Artisa

Baubles and beads and bangles … Oh my, yes! It’s all about the accessories, baby, and in my not-so-humble opinion, it’s go big or go home.

Artisa Explains Upcycled Succulent Planters By Artisa

In my mind, I’m a gardener. Yep, I’m wearing my sunny apron, toting nifty tools, ready-to-grow seed packets in the pockets, perky pansies in hand, and not a speck of potting soil messing with the look. (Remember … all in my mind.)

Artisa Lunchbox Snack Blog 03 By Artisa

Packable healthy lunchbox snacks are my grab-and-go faves that fuel me up whether I eat alone at the desk, in a park with friends or wherever floats my boat!

Artisa Cottage Cheese Popsicles Blog 01 By Artisa

It’s hot out there, but nothing’s cooler than thinking outside the stick. We’re talking popsicle sticks! You’ll never go back to the icy, colored sugar when you discover how easy it is to pack loads of energizing protein and calcium into your favorite summertime treat.

Artisa best birthday ever ideas 01 By Artisa

With 364 days to think about best birthday ever ideas, you have oodles of time to plan the upcoming celebration of you.

Artisa brunch ideas 01 By Artisa

Ah, brunch. It’s making a comeback as the social event of the weekend. But this isn’t your mother’s brunch, so put away the teacups and fancy china — we’re talking easy prep, some healthier options and laid-back friend time.

off the beaten path trips Artisa 01 By Artisa

We’re sharing some of our favorite off-the-beaten-path trips, tours and activities to break out of the ordinary with the most unforgettable things fall has to offer. 

cooking with cottage cheese Artisa 01 By Artisa

We always keep an eye out for healthy holiday cooking ideas, like cooking with cottage cheese, to keep us on track when temptations are as abundant as the feasts themselves.