Best birthday ever ideas … to celebrate you!

Do you go to bed the night of your birthday and dream about the next one? 

With 364 days to think about best birthday ever ideas, you have oodles of time to plan the upcoming celebration of you. It’s never too early to start planning your uncottaged day, filled with friends, lots of laughs, delicious healthy snacks, some special treats and a bucket list adventure.

Fact: If you wait for others to surprise you with your ideal day, it’s probably not going to live up to your great expectations. If you want the best birthday ever ideas to become reality, you have to make it happen. An outline of your special day might look like this:

Open your peepers bright and early, no reason to sleep your birthday away. You scheduled a day off to enjoy a carefree day of no deadlines, emails or obligations, so get down to business and start having fun!

After a leisurely breakfast on your balcony, stroll through the neighborhood greeting fellow sidewalkers with a cheerful, “Hey!” on your way to yoga class with your favorite instructor (the one who always compliments you on your warrior pose).

Energized with goodwill toward the universe, you set off to meet your BFF at the gazebo in the park across the street. She brings two cups of French roast from the cute café on the corner (Awww .. The friendly barista wrote “Happy Birthday to You!” on your cup) and you unpack a couple single-serve Artisa Wild Berry cups from your snazzy lunchbox cooler. Ya gotta get that post-workout protein in pronto, right?

Next, on to the fabulous flea market where you’re on a quest for vintage suitcases. You’re not really sure how you’ll upcycle them—too many ideas for upcycling vintage suitcases—but you just love the intrigue and mystery of these well-used travellers.

Perusing food trucks for lunch, you settle on spicy fish tacos. Your bestie announces to the hungry people in line that it’s your birthday (hey, thanks, girlfriend!) and they spontaneously burst into “The Happy Birthday Song” with everyone awkwardly mumbling when it comes to the part where they don’t know your name. Good for a laugh … and, bonus: The taco truck guy comps your lunch!

Birthdays are for crossing off bucket list items, so after a quick change, you’re off to the local airport for your first tandem sky dive. You’re no scaredy cat, but suiting up, your heart’s doing a jitterbug. A giant step out of the plane at 12,500 feet above ground level (crazy, amiright?), the rush of adrenaline, then the gentle descent through the clouds — oh yeah, you’re hooked. When your feet touch the ground, a group of buddies is there to greet you with cheers.

To celebrate your birthday bravery, you gather for a picnic at a nearby lakeside park to nosh on healthy deliciousness like hummus with pita chips, chicken salad and roasted veggies. You’re a clean-eating girl, but there’s no way you’re skipping the decadent double-layer Nutella birthday cake from your favorite bakery. (The answer is, “Yes, please!” when asked if you’d like a second piece.)

As you watch the sun drop behind the pines, you take a moment to quietly soak it all in: the treasured friendships, infectious laughter and the sense of community, the majestic beauty of nature and the good-tired feeling after a day of adventures. Happy birthday, indeed, lucky girl!

What are some of your best birthday ever ideas?

Artisa best birthday ever ideas 01 Open your peepers bright and early, no reason to sleep your birthday away.
Artisa best birthday ever ideas 02 You’re no scaredy cat, but suiting up, your heart’s doing a jitterbug.
Artisa best birthday ever ideas 03 Treasured friendships, infectious laughter and the sense of community make you one lucky girl!