Brunch ideas to make hosting a breeze

Ah, brunch. It’s making a comeback as the social event of the weekend. But this isn’t your mother’s brunch, so put away the teacups and fancy china — we’re talking easy prep, some healthier options and laid-back friend time. Let’s talk about brunch ideas that will help you, the hostess with the mostest, serve up a fabulous, casual, at-home weekend brunch and enjoy the relaxing vibe as much as your guests.

Sure, there’re lots of fancy-schmancy places to brunch, but who needs a line-out-the-door wait, hovering waiters who interrupt your bestie’s hilarious story about last night’s Uber ride, and an eye-popping check? Your casa’s got all you need for a weekend brunch with your chicas.

When planning the menu, follow the K.I.S.S. rule: Keep it Simple, Sista. After all, these are your BFFs, they don’t want you waking up at o’dark hundred whipping up homemade waffles or stuck at the stove flipping pancakes and stirring hollandaise sauce.

One of the best brunch ideas is a bountiful buffet. Set out some pretty dishes and silverware and guests can serve themselves. For ease of selection, arrange your goodies starting with the main dish, side dish, salads and then finish with some tasty breads.

Before catching your Zzzs, prepare one easy-to-assemble hot entrée — like scrumptiously savory Sweet Potato, Egg and Sausage Breakfast Casserole or divinely sweet Overnight Apple French Toast Casserole — fridge it and then pop it in the oven before your guests arrive. Mmmm, nothing says, “Come on in!” like the enticing aroma of brunch deliciousness.

After that, with the exception of your fave coffee (hot and plentiful, pressed from fresh-ground, craft-roasted beans, of course), your brunch yummies should be of the no-heat variety. Think colorful fruit kabobs, mini mason jars filled with the freshest gazpacho and a glorious kale salad. Hit up your friendly local bakery for lemon poppy seed muffins, banana bread and corn muffins.

For a fun brunch idea they’ll be talking about all week, let them eat toast! Plug in your toaster and set it up next to a giant basket brimming with artisan wheat bread, sourdough, gluten-free bread, a variety of bagels and English muffins. In a tub of ice, arrange an assortment of single-serve Artisa cottage cheese flavors. Offer an array of toppings, each labeled with an adorable tag. Suggestions: smashed avocado, diced veggies, sliced fruit, fresh herbs, honey, raisins, and dried fruit.

Pop a slice in the toaster, spread with the Artisa of your choice, and then let imaginations run wild with the toppings! Go tropical with walnut bread, Artisa Pineapple, banana slices and a sprinkling of coconut. Give a nod to summer with an English muffin, Artisa Cucumbers and Cream, some chopped tomatoes and a dash of fresh chopped chives. Feeling exotic? Try toasted naan, Artisa Peach, chopped figs and a drizzle of honey.

And there you have it — with simply fun brunch ideas, hosting a brilliant brunch is easier than you might think!

Artisa brunch ideas 01 Serve up a fabulous, casual, at-home weekend brunch!
Artisa brunch ideas 02 Set out some pretty dishes and silverware and guests can serve themselves.
Artisa brunch ideas 03 For a fun brunch idea they’ll be talking about all week, let them eat toast!