The Joy of Cottage Cheese Popsicles

It’s hot out there, but nothing’s cooler than thinking outside the stick. We’re talking popsicle sticks! You’ll never go back to the icy, colored sugar when you discover how easy it is to pack loads of energizing protein and calcium into your favorite summertime treat. Cottage cheese popsicles are going to have you opening and closing that freezer door all summer long. These perfect post-workout treats or anytime no-bake desserts can be assembled lickety split and the taste … oh mama!

But first, let’s throwback to those sweltering summers when you were a kid, jumping through the sprinkler with friends and chalking on the hot driveway. Suddenly heads jerk up and everyone is still for one brief second. It’s the ice cream man!

The sounds of calliope music triggered a Pavlovian response: Drop what you’re doing, run into the house, shake the piggy bank, frantically dig in the couch for quarters then run at a breakneck speed to the curb where you wave like a shipwrecked sailor who sees a cruise ship on the horizon. All for what? A popsicle!

Hate to be the one to throw a wet beach towel on childhood memories, but those flashy psychedelic ice pops were pleasantly packaged water, sugar, artificial flavors and dyes. Womp womp.

The appeal of these sugary treats is obvious: They’re refreshing and tasty. But what if I told you that you could experience the same giddiness with guilt-free healthy goodness on a stick?

Cottage cheese popsicles require only three ingredients that you most likely already have in your fridge and can be made in less time than it takes you to pack your beach bag and apply that not-to-be-forgotten sunscreen. Boom.

Here’s how:

Get yourself some cute little popsicle molds. You’ll find them in the seasonal aisle of most stores. They’re also available online. In the blender, combine:

1 single-serve Artisa Wild Berry
1 cup frozen mixed berries
a splash of your favorite milk
a drizzle of honey or a packet of Stevia

Give it a whirl until it’s smooth, but still has chunks of fruit. Divide the mixture evenly between the molds. Tap on the counter gently to get those air bubbles out. No sticks with your mold? No problem. Insert sticks in the deliciousness when the popsicles are partially frozen. Freeze overnight or until solid. (The waiting’s the hardest part!)

Unmold and let the fun begin!

Mmmmm … the natural sweetness from the fruit, combined with protein and calcium-packed creaminess … it’s heaven on a stick.

Oh, and this recipe is just to get you started — cottage cheese popsicles beg for experimentation. Chunks of mango? A handful of blueberries? Sure, whatever floats your boat. And, remember, variety is the spice of life, so don’t be afraid to sprinkle in some cinnamon, cardamom or even cayenne!

Once you try these scrumptious DIY cottage cheese popsicles, your days of eating artificially colored, sugar-laden concoctions are over.

Sorry ice cream man, keep on driving.

Artisa Cottage Cheese Popsicles Blog 01 Who doesn't remember those flashy psychedelic ice pops?
Artisa Cottage Cheese Popsicles Blog 02 Cute popsicle molds are easy to find!
Artisa Cottage Cheese Popsicles Blog 03 Cottage cheese popsicles = protein packed heaven on a stick!