Confessions of a Crazy Succulent Lady

In my mind, I’m a gardener. Yep, I’m wearing my sunny apron, toting nifty tools, ready-to-grow seed packets in the pockets, perky pansies in hand, and not a speck of potting soil messing with the look. (Remember … all in my mind.)

In reality, houseplants aren’t even safe from my plant-killing ways. African violets, ferns and even the allegedly hard-to-kill spider plant have fallen victim to my forgetfulness, neglect and lack of horticultural know-how.

Then, along came the succulent … with limitless upcycled succulent planter ideas.

Adorable and quirky, these trendy plants are the saving grace for forgetful gardeners — they survive and thrive in spite of me.

Allow me to share a few things I’ve learned via trial and error:

  • Go for green, newbie friends. I know, I know … the lavenders; vibrant reds and yellows, and variegated varieties are so enticing! But trust me, the greener the leaves, the better the chances they’ll thrive in your great indoors.
  • Make sure your container is at least as deep as the succulent you want to plant. If it doesn’t have drainage holes, grab an electric drill and drill baby, drill! (Couldn’t resist.)
  • Give ‘em the good stuff: cactus or succulent soil, not garden soil.
  • Succulents love my dry sense of humor. (Well, at least they’re all about keepin’ it dry.) Only water them about once a week in the summer and once a month in the winter. 
  • Always look on the bright side of life … good rule for your succulents too! Keep them in bright light or they’ll get spindly trying to stretch for the sun. The absolute best part about succulents? The plethora of planter potential!

When it comes to displaying these trendy greens, upcycled succulent planters are the way to go. The sky’s the limit on housing for your succulent friends! Peruse thrift shops and flea markets, scavenge in your closets and kitchen cupboards, raid your niece’s toy box or grab discards out of recycling bins on your morning walk — you’ll begin to see the succulent-worthiness in almost everything! Even Artisa Cottage Cheese Single Serve Snack cups will do the trick!

Are you succulent obsessed? If you’ve upcycled pretty, whacky or stunning finds into spectacularly quirky succulent planters, share your treasures … pictures, pretty please!

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