It is a story filled with energy, the physical and mental forces that drive your life. You are fed by food and snacks made the right way and through a positivity to help reinvent yourself and never settle for settling in.

Living better beats existing and joy outshines mere satisfaction. Go for it … step out of the cottage … and show the world what you can do. Feel stronger and satisfied with 15 grams of naturally occurring high protein power and only three grams of fat. Go where you wanna go with single-serve cups with real fruit right inside. Go where the underdogs and seekers go, those who take the oldest and humblest of things — like we did with cottage cheese — to transform them into something mighty and new. Each cup is its own creation, each flavor a match to how you feel and what you do.

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The ordinary is for the others. Not for you … and not for Artisa. This is a movement, a crusade, and our commitment to make cottage cheese the next big comeback.

We invite all those who cheer for the underdogs or seek to find the potential in even the humblest of things, to join this movement. To grab life by the spoon and show the world that the cottage cheese they once yawned about is no longer in black-and-white but the brightest of colors and flavors.

You want what’s good. You want all natural ingredients from orchards and farms instead of the unwholesome influence of hormones and preservatives. Artisa™ Cottage Cheese is made with only the freshest milk from locally owned and operated dairies, crafted by true artisans into delicate curds with the creamiest texture.

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Adventure is what life is all about. So live the adventure you were born to.

Make each flavor fit a different day, creating your lunch or snack with “out-of-the-cottage” thinking. Sweet or savory, subtle or bold, taste is a sense that deserves more attention and makes a statement about you. Artisa is wholesome, delicious and smart. Join the movement for simple, convenient food that fuels a healthy body and a happy mind.

Life can taste better if you let it. We created all natural Artisa™ Cottage Cheese to add a little kick to that taste of life, and spare energy to help you burst through your limits.


You can live life uncottaged when you take Artisa along for lunch, snack or any "out-of-the-cottage" eating.

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